Teachers transform the student's world by helping them comprehend better through a process of 'Knowledge Delivery Design' that makes the “information and the subject more interesting

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KOTA Knowledge Delivery Design

Well-researched and structured lectures and study material
  • Ideal sequencing of topics,often synchronized with school study programmes
  • Optimal time allocation to ensure comprehension and depth of study for topics
  • Effective Classroom illustrations and questions
  • Right-sequencing of home study plans
  • KOTA Knowledge Delivery Design
Combination of Static & Dynamic study material
  • Multi layered concept comprehension tool
  • Constant reinforcement of information
  • Multi-dimensional understanding of lesson
Daily Practice Problem Sheets (DPPS)
  • DPPS enabled learning
  • Periodical review to track skill level build-up
  • Current and previous topic skill testing
School Curriculum Synchronizing
  • Mapping with board syllabus
  • Sequential learning in tune with board syllabus
  • Full integration with board syllabus
Mentoring and review
  • One-to-one review with faculty
  • Mistake analysis and rectification protocols
  • Previous question paper work-outs
  • Competence mapping and identification of learning gaps
  • Subject and topic competence testing
  • Individually mapped improvement protocols
  • Process driven implementation of learning plans
  • Time-management skills training